I Believe In Looking After The Earth

I believe in looking after the earth.

I believe that the joy of creating something new, should not be at the cost of our wonderful earth and oceans. I am a Dorset based creative and live, work and explore along the beautiful Jurassic coast and I am inspired by it every day. I have developed a deep rooted passion for protecting our planet. So I am passionately on a journey to be eco-friendly and have already swapped out plastic beads for wooden, plastic bead threaders for metal ones, plastic glitter for biodegradable glitter and my craft kit boxes are now 100% recyclable.

In the creative industry, there is so much waste and the use of single use plastic is rife! As an independent women and business owner, I am looking carefully at where I source my creative materials and packaging from and whom I collaborate with, working hard to avoid and contribute towards fast fashion. 

I am still growing my little creative businesses identity, and my craft kits and prints are beginning to take on a life of their own, embodying something which has a creative heart, feel good vibes and is timeless without being at the expense of mother nature. 

I would love to connect and collaborate with fellow eco businesses, drop me an email via my Contact page. 


-Bridie x