Hello From Bridie & 2020 What a Year!


For those of you who don't know me, my name is Bridie, and I took over the hair braiding and henna tattoo business from my mum (based in beautiful Lyme Regis), the day the UK went into its first national lock down due to the Corana virus. Click here for pictures of the business over the last 20+ years, and click here for more information on the business as it is today. 

Now here's is the bit that sounds like a dating profile! I am 35, live in beautiful Dorset in the south coast of the UK, and I have a hilarious Jackawawa mini doggie, and along side the business I also manage some pretty crappy chronic illnesses and the ability to work for myself is a blessing as it allows me to help manage my health. 

I grew up in a pretty creative household, my mum was a film and TV maker, art lover and both my grandparents were artist (Grandfather was a local watercolour artist, and Grandmother was a Japanese painter). My instant love of business at a young age was very strong! My first business was a 'Conker Museum' which was a table display with info and conkers on and a cup asking for £0.50p. I would sit at the window and every time someone stopped to take a look, I wizzed out the front door and down the drive to make sure they put the money in the pot! hahahahaha such a tyrant!

This first year of having the family business has been tough! multiple lock downs, Brexit, cancelled markets, multiple rebrands and burn out after burn out but......the business and myself are both still standing! Feels like a huge achievement! 

I read something the other day that physical health and fiscal health are linked, and this is my strategy for next year. My aim is to have a healthy happy business (currently looking for distributors in USA + Australia - get in touch if you have any contacts or ideas) and to have a healthy and happy body, my sticking to a new daily routine. 

2020 WINS! 

  • Etsy shop going from strength to strength, just hit 800 sales in its first year! 
  • Branding as 'The Braiding Circle' is all completed and looking divine! 
  • Online shop is looking lush and all finished and ready for 2021!
  • TV shopping show appearance
  • Instagram is up and running
  • Facebook page is up and running
  • New kits for 2021 ready for launch in January!

2021 GOALS

  • Secure a distributer in the USA
  • Secure a distributer in Australia
  • Launch Amazon shop


  • Confirm health diagnosis
  • Get healthy routine in place
  • Team up with other business owners with chronic health issues

Let me know if you like to read these updates, as I will them more regularly for you all. So until the next one, stay safe, stay well, and keep crafting.

Lots of love

Bridie x